Office of the Manager

 Township Manager:  W. Bruce Clark

Assistant Manager:  Meredith Merino

Administrative Assistant: Jean Kenney

Receptionist:  Heather Mitchell


The Township Manager is the chief administrative officer of the Township. The Manager is appointed by, and is responsible to the Council to oversee the administration of the Township's Departments and respective programs, to carry out policy set by Council, and to ensure that the entire community is being served.

The Manager attends all Council meetings, acts in an advisory capacity for Council policy decisions, and takes part in discussions, but may not vote on policy.

On an annual basis, the Manager is responsible for the Township budget preparation and any other reports requested by Council concerning the operations of the Township departments. The Manager advises Council on the financial condition and future needs of the Township, provides information and alternatives, and makes recommendations concerning affairs of the Township.

The Manager sees that all laws, provisions of the Home Rule Charter, and acts of the Council, subject to enforcement by him or by officers under his direction, are faithfully executed.



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