Residential Leaf & Yard Waste Recycling

Middletown Township offers several services to residents to properly dispose of leaf and yard waste through recycling and composting.  Click on the subsections below for more information about each service offered.

Fall Leaf Collection Program

The Fall Leaf Collection program generally runs from the last week of October to the first week in December.  The 2017 collection will begin the week of October 23 and run through December 1, 2017.   Please click on the headline for more information.

Christmas Tree Collection & Recycling

Christmas tree collection and recycling is done annually by the Township Public Works employees.  It generally runs for the first two weeks of January.  The trees should be placed at the curb and all ornaments and tinsel must first be removed, or they will not be collected.  The trees are then chipped for landscaping use.

Homeowner Composting Information

The Township Council encourages residents to compost as many leaves as possible on their properties as the primary means of leaf disposal, with the bagged collection program available as an alternative where on-lot composting is not practical.  A “How to” brochure on leaf composting was developed by the Township and is available by clicking the headline above.  Other practical links to composting are also available. 
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