Smedley Tract Planning

The Middletown Township Smedley Tract Master Site Plan Final Report is now available for review.  Please click on the link to the left to download the full report.  Hard copies are also available for review at the Township Building and the Middletown Free Library. 

The Master Site Plan Report is the result of a nine-month process in which residents, business owners, and others interested in the planning of the Smedley Tract were invited to take part in a series of four public meetings and six committee meetings to develop a master site plan for the Smedley Tract as a new Township park.

The Township retained the consultant team of Simone Collins Landscape Architecture of Berwyn, Horstman Associates Engineers, and Frens and Frens Restoration Architects to work with a Council-appointed Park Planning Committee to develop a master plan. The study was funded in part by the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.

The Township extends its appreciation to the fourteen committee members and the consultant team, who dedicated themselves to the Smedley planning process, bringing about a viable document that will be used to guide the future development, stewardship and maintenance of the park.

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