Sewer Authority


Mailing Address: P.O. Box 9, Lima, PA  19037
Phone: 610-566-3087
Fax: 610-566-0879


Manager:  John R. Ibach, Jr.
Inflow & Infiltration Coordinator:  Fran Niermann

 Sewer Maintenance Contractor: KBX Golden LLC – *Dispatch Number for Public Sewer and Pump Station Emergencies only -  610-637-7077

Bookkeeper:  Rose Schreiber

Assistant Bookkeeper:  Liza Tierney

 Engineer:  Walter Fazler, P.E. - Bradford Engineering, Inc. 610-497-6200


Please do not call KBX Golden for private sewer lines.  Call the above number for public sewer line blockages or pump station failures.  KBX Golden’s response to a private sewer line blockage will result in a minimum charge of $200 for each service call.  Please contact your plumber for private sewer maintenance issues.  Thank you.

*  KBX Golden LLC does offer private sewer maintenance services and may be reached at the Kennett Square office at 610-444-9501 during normal business hours.


27 N. Pennell Rd. P.O. Box 157 Lima, PA 19037 Phone: 610-565-2700 Fax: 610-566-3640