Public Works

  Foreman: Dan Simcox
Crew Leader: Glenn Martin
Crew Leader: Mike DeRosa

Driver/Laborer: Mike Albertini
Driver/Laborer: Aaron Carney
Driver/Laborer: Vince Derrick
Driver/Laborer: Graham Labrum
Driver/Laborer: Chad Middleton

General Email:

Employees of the Public Works Department maintain over 54 miles of two lane
Township roadways in addition to 450 acres of Township-owned open space and parkland.

Specifically, the Public Works crew are typically called upon to:                                               

  • repair road surfaces
  • install and maintain regulatory and street signs
  • maintain over 800 storm sewer inlets and 20 miles of storm sewers
  • provide for snow removal and downed tree clearing
  • provide park maintenace by mowing, removing trash, trail blazing, and installing playground equipment
  • maintain a fleet of 10 trucks
  • collect any recycling that the contractor has not retrieved
  • provide Township leaf collection

Normal Hours of Operation 7:00 AM to 3:30 PM Weekdays

During Off Hours (After 5:00 PM Weekdays) the Staff can be contacted through the PA State Police or Delaware County Fire Board.

State Police Phone Number: 484-840-1000
Delaware County Fire Board: 610-892-8404
If you have an emergency, dial 911!


27 N. Pennell Rd. P.O. Box 157 Lima, PA 19037 Phone: 610-565-2700 Fax: 610-566-3640