Sewer Authority Board

Board Members and Advisory Team 

 Authority Members - 2018


Timothy F. Sullivan, Esquire



Robert J. Scholz, P.E.



Roland W. Bailey



Edward J. Klodarska


Asst. Secretary/Treasurer

John R. Hanna, III 



Authority Manager

John Ibach

P.O. Box 9, Lima, PA  19037



Authority Solicitor

Paul, Flandreau & Berger, LLP

Media, Pennsylvania


Authority Auditor

Hanna, McGlone & Co., P.C.

King of Prussia, Pennsylvania


Consulting Engineer

Bradford Engineering Inc.

Aston, Pennsylvania



The Middletown Township Sewer Authority was incorporated by the Secretary of the Commonwealth in July, 1966.

The governing body of the Authority is a Board consisting of five members appointed by the Township Council. The terms of the members of the Board are staggered so that the the term of one member expires each year. Members of the Board may be reappointed. None of the members of the Authority Board are members of Township Council. The Board is authorized to exercise any and all powers conferred by the Pennsylvania Municipality Authorities Act necessary for the acquisition, construction, improvement, extension, maintenance, and operation of sewer systems.

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