Stormwater Management Education & Resources

Welcome to the Middletown Township Stormwater Information page.  This page is intended to educate and inform the public about the various efforts the Township is making to help reduce stormwater runoff, as well as decrease the amount of pollution that gets carried into our local streams as a result of that stormwater runoff.  Please browse the sections below for information on what you as a property owner can do to

help with this important effort.


If you are planning a construction project which will require stormwater control, please click here, or navigate to the Erosion and Sedimentation Control and Storm Water Management section under the Permits and Forms Tab to the left.

Stormwater Ad Series

These informational ads address different practices we all do on a daily basis, and give quick and easy ways to do them in a more water-friendly way.  Check them out!

Reducing Pollutants in Runoff

Stormwater is unavoidable, but its effects can be reduced by keeping harmful chemicals and materials out of the runoff.  This section reviews potential sources of contamination and offers ways to minimize them.  Click on the heading to read more.  Then fill out the assessment table to help identify stormwater risks on your property.

Stormwater Complaint Phone Numbers

Citizens can help report violations or problems they notice in their local streams before they cause more damage and pollution.  Residents sometimes may be the first to recognize “illicit” discharges being directed into storm sewers or flowing  out of storm sewer outfall pipes into streams.  “Dry weather flows”- flows from outfall pipes after a 72 hour or greater period without rain that appears to be polluted or contaminated - should be reported to Middletown Township during regular business hours, or to DEP during off hours, for further investigation.  

Click on the heading for a list of different organizations' phone numbers to call to report a water quality issue depending on the situation you encounter.  You may also complete the Stormwater Complaint Form located under the Stormwater Link.

Front Yard/Back Yard Stormwater Solutions for Homeowners

In May of 2006, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection awarded a grant to Tredyffrin Township for the work in Trout Creek. As a part of this grant, the Township hired Cahill Associates to help compile an educational brochure with information about how residents in Trout Creek can help improve the watershed through projects in their own yards.

Tredyffrin Township granted permission to post the valuable information for Middletown residents' use and application to their own properties.  The brochures contain information on how residents can construct stormwater best management practices (BMPs) on a residential level. BMPs are methods for reducing and infiltrating stormwater runoff, a process through which the water is filtered by plants and permeates through the soil before it reaches our streams. These actions can greatly slow and reduce the volume of runoff generated by impervious surfaces within the watershed. The brochures highlight nine different BMPs that can easily be incorporated into many residential properties.

We hope that you take time to review the information on the brochures, and eventually use some of the suggestions to become better stewards of the Chester and Ridley Creek Watersheds. Please do not hesitate to contact the Township to let us know if the brochures have been helpful to you.

Landscaping and Site Management

Some stormwater risks can be controlled by making changes to buildings, paved surfaces, the landscape, and soil surfaces.  Click on the heading for more information regarding landscape alterations you might want to consider.

Information for Township Businesses

During the 3rd year of the stormwater program, Middletown contacted all 77 of its restaurant businesses to let them know about the NPDES program and ways in which they could support it. 

In the 4th year, the Township's 22 car dealerships, gas stations, auto body shops, and facilities that conduct their own vehicle maintenance were informed about the program and how they could prevent stormwater runoff pollution. 

Click on the heading to view the detailed brochures that each of the restaurants and vehicle maintenance facilities received and reviewed.

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