Animal Control

Domestic Animal Control

Because of the termination (effective June 1, 2016) of the Delaware County Animal Protection Board and its county-wide stray boarding contract with the Brandywine Valley SPCA, Middletown has entered into a 3-year contract with the Brandywine Valley SPCA for full Animal Protective Services (APS), including enforcement of both state and local animal ordinances as well as stray animal transport, boarding and care. This is an amendment to an existing agreement that had been in place between Middletown Township and the BVSPCA since December 2015 for Animal Control Services.

To report an animal control issue during normal business hours, please call the Township at 610-565-2700. During evening or weekend hours, please contact the BVSPCA Animal Control Dispatch office directly at 610-692-6113 x 212.

APS Officers will respond to specific complaints and known problem areas within the Township and effect abatement through counseling, issuance of warnings, violation notices, or by any combination of the above resources. 

Lost or stray dogs must be confined in some manner in order for an APS Officer to collect and transport it to the BVSPCA. APS Officers will not respond to a stray dog call unless and until the animal is contained. If your dog is lost, please call the BVSPCA to determine if it has been transported there. All stray dogs collected within Middletown Township borders by BVSPCA Officers are transported to the BVSPCA for boarding.

If you find a lost dog with current license tag, you can visit the Delaware County website at, click on the "Return a Lost Dog" tab, and enter the number of the current license registration. You will then have access to the dog's name and phone contact in order to reach the dog's owner. Only the dog’s name and phone contact are given. No individual names or addresses are made available.


Other Animals/Issues

Residents experiencing issues with wildlife on their properties must contact a wildlife removal contractor.

Dead deer on public rights-of-way are removed by the PA State Game Commission. To report a dead animal on a Township road, please call the Township at 610-565-2700.  You may also complete an online service request form.

You may call PennDOT to report a dead animal on a State Road at 610-566-0972.  State roads are Route 1, Route 352, Route 452, Lenni Rd., Rose Tree Rd., Barren Rd., W. Knowlton Rd., Parkmount Rd., Lundgren Rd., Dutton Mill Rd., Bortondale Rd., Creek Rd.,Van Leer Ave., and a portion of Darlington and New Darlington Rds.

27 N. Pennell Rd. P.O. Box 157 Lima, PA 19037 Phone: 610-565-2700 Fax: 610-566-3640