Zoning, Codes, and Engineering

Zoning Officer: Meredith Merino  mmerino@middletowntownship.org

Administrative Assistant:  Michele Clancy  mclancy@middletowntownship.org

Code Enforcement: Chili's Inspection Services; Contact the Township for Code & Permitting Questions.

Township Engineer: Kelly & Close Engineers; Contact the Township for Engineering Questions.

This department oversees all aspects of and ensures compliance with Township Zoning, Subdivision and Land Development Ordinances, and design and engineering standards. This is in addition to issuing all permits, maintaining subdivision records, and performing inspections. 

Township Building & Zoning forms, permits, and applications are available for download below.  The forms can be printed out and either mailed, faxed, or brought into the Township offices.

For the convenience of the applicants, the Building/Codes Department is highly recommending scheduling appointments for application submissions for COMMERCIAL/RESIDENTIAL CONSTRUCTION for new construction, additions, alterations/renovations, solar panels and pools. Please contact Michele Clancy for an appointment.

Attached Document or FileAdopted Building Codes List Effective June 25, 2004

Zoning Information, Permits and Forms

Click the link to download information about Zoning within the Township of Middletown, the types of land uses permitted within those zones, permit applications, and information on the the zoning process in general.  Please call the Code Enforcement Office at 610-565-2700 if you have a question about zoning for a certain property.

Subdivision and Land Development Information and Forms

Anyone wishing to subdivide and develop a property must submit an Application for Subdivision and/or Land Development.  The application is reviewed by the Township Engineer and Zoning Officer, the Township Planning Commission, and finally the Township Council.  Click on the heading to download the complete application packet and the Ordinance.

Plumbing Permits

Plumbing permits are required for new plumbing as well as sewer and septic work.  Click on the heading for specific requirements and to download application forms.

Electrical Permits

Electrical Permits are required to be obtained for a variety of situations in which improvements to electrical systems are being completed.  Click on the heading for specific guidelines and Permit Application forms.


Highway and Driveway Opening Permit

The Township requires that permits be obtained for construction of new driveways and excavation within Middletown Township streets and road right-of-ways.  Click on the heading to download necessary application forms.

Erosion and Sedimentation Control and Stormwater Management

A permit is required for excavation, grading, and filling.  Gardening and small projects that do not change the existing grade or storm water runoff characteristics are exempt.


Click on the heading to download the Permit Application and view requirements and design criteria.

Fire Code Permits

Fire Code Permits are required for the installation or removal of flammable and combustible liquid or propane storage tanks - above or below ground; Automatic fire alarm systems, and other regulated activities as itemized in the Fire Code.  Click on the heading to download necessary permit application forms. 

Open burning of leaves, sticks, branches and refuse is prohibited in Middletown Township.  The only exception to the open burning ban allowed without a PA DEP permit is a fire set solely for recreational or ceremonial purposes under the PA State Fire Code. 

A recreational fire is an outdoor open fire that is no larger than 3 feet in diameter and no more than 2 feet in height, built for pleasure, cooking, warmth, or religious or ceremonial purposes.  The use of outdoor fireplaces, portable outdoor fireplaces, barbeque grills and barbeque pits is also permitted under the current regulations.

Sign Permits

Required to be obtained for new and replacement signs.

Peddler Permit

Peddlers are required to obtain and display licenses. Click the heading to download a permit application and the Peddling Regulations.

Swimming Pool Guidelines

A building permit is required for the installation and construction of any private pool in Middletown Township.  Additional permits that may be required are a building/fence permit, an electrical permit, and a Fire Code permit, depending upon the nature and extent of the job.  Click on the heading for further information.

Fee Schedules

The fee schedules define the fees associated with applying for permits granted by Middletown Township, which authorize different types of improvements to be completed.  You may refer to the heading link to determine the fee when applying for a permit.

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